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Why Argonize It?

Tired of the endless search for one system to manage your team productivity?

Well, we are. In running our venture studio, we evaluated and audited big and small names in the project management space. A frustrating amount of productivity was lost asking ourselves, "what part of the information is in which system?"

We decided to channel our frustrations into building our own platform: a platform that understands the process of taking an opportunity all the way through to the final product delivery with flying colors.

Argonize™ was designed and built by business people for business people that are looking to drive profitability and high levels of economic value.

Who Is It Designed For?

This innovative platform doesn't limit itself to any singular industry. Every business has a defined, unique business process and flow. With that in mind, Argonize™ is an exceptional and the most economically viable option for businesses in the following categories:

  • Startup Tech Companies
  • Fast Growing Tech-Based Companies
  • Software & Hardware Development Teams
  • Professional Service Organizations
  • Digital & Web Development Companies
  • Research & Development Teams
  • Innovation Teams
  • Project Management Teams
  • Product Prototyping Teams
  • Change Management Teams
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  • The Roadmap



    • Meeting & Agenda Management
    • Balanced Scorecard
    • Activity Dashboard
    • Action Management
    • Project Management
    • Contact Manager
  • Q2 2018


  • Q3 2018


  • Q4 2018


Our Current Solutions

Some applications tackle their niche very well, while other may include all of the tools you need to run your business, which can be overkill and expensive for most business users. It is not a seamless process by a long shot. Everyone leaves the use case to the end user.

Job functions shouldn't separate and duplicate data or tools, nor should client collaboration operate in a black hole. A well-thought system shouldn't just organize the information, it should Argonizeā„¢ it.


Complete business management for software/hardware development teams


R&D and project management


Innovation process management


Professional services and sales organization

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